One on One - Day Train­ing or Pri­vate Lessons

Day Train­ing –I will come to your home and work with your dog, one on one (you don't even have to be home). This will quickly help your dog  improve their behavior and learn polite manners. After, a transfer session will be offered to show you how to maintain your dog’s training.

Pri­vate Lessons – I will coach you through the steps to work “one on one” with your dog and show you what to practice in-between lessons.

I use pos­i­tive, science-based train­ing methods to change behav­ior, helping you reach the goals you desire for your dog in a fun and force free manner. Contact me to discuss which will be the right training package for your dog.

Puppy Funamentals
  • Welcome Home Puppy!

  • House-training

  • Puppy mouthing and biting

  • Crate train­ing

  • Social­iza­tion and more...

Out and About
  • Walking on a loose leash

  • Coming when called

  • Overcoming distractions

  • Focus on handler and more...

In Your Home
  • Sit to greet

  • Name Attention

  • Relax and Stay

  • Take it - Leave it

  • Hand targeting and more...

Behavior Modification
  • Anxiety, Shyness and Fear issues

  • Sound sensitivity

  • Resource Guarding

  • Confidence Building  and more..


Healing Touch for Animals®

 HTA techniques assist in many ways:

  • Pain Relief

  • Recovery from injury

  • Reduce stress and anxiety

  • Support animals through chronic illness and disease

  • Relieve allergies

  • Clarify appropriate behavior

  • Aid in recovery from physical and emotional abuse and neglect

  • Support in training and competition

  • Build confidence

  • Help age gracefully with dignity

  • Develop a greater animal-human bond

  • Energetically support animals through the end of life transition (euthanasia support)