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One on One - Day Train­ing or Pri­vate Lessons

Day Train­ing –I will come to your home and work with your dog, one on one. This will quickly help your dog improve their behavior and learn polite manners. After, a transfer session will be offered to show you how to maintain your dog’s training.

Pri­vate Lessons – I will coach you through the steps to work “one on one” with your dog and show you what to practice in-between lessons.

I use pos­i­tive, science-based train­ing methods to change behav­ior, helping you reach the goals you desire for your dog in a fun and force free manner. Contact me to discuss which will be the right training package for your dog.

Puppy Funamentals
  • Welcome Home Puppy!

  • House-training

  • Puppy mouthing and biting

  • Crate train­ing

  • Social­iza­tion and more...

Out and About
  • Walking on a loose leash

  • Coming when called

  • Overcoming distractions

  • Focus on handler and more...

In Your Home
  • Sit to greet

  • Name Attention

  • Relax and Stay

  • Take it - Leave it

  • Hand targeting and more...

Behavior Modification
  • Anxiety, Shyness and Fear issues

  • Sound sensitivity

  • Resource Guarding

  • Confidence Building  and more..


Healing Touch for Animals®

 HTA techniques assist in many ways:

  • Pain Relief

  • Recovery from injury

  • Reduce stress and anxiety

  • Support animals through chronic illness and disease

  • Relieve allergies

  • Clarify appropriate behavior

  • Aid in recovery from physical and emotional abuse and neglect

  • Support in training and competition

  • Build confidence

  • Help age gracefully with dignity

  • Develop a greater animal-human bond

  • Energetically support animals through the end of life transition (euthanasia support)


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