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In Your Home or Out and About - Day Training or Coaching Lessons

Are you having difficulty finding the time to train your dog consistently on a regular basis?     Try day training.


Are you a “Do It Yourself” person that wants to learn from a professional on how to train dogs?     Try coaching lessons.


I can train your dog for you or with you! With a no cost phone consultation, we can find out which service works best for you and your dog.


A meeting in your home, to address specific problems or concerns, will provide you with the help you are looking for. During the home visit I can evaluate your dog in their own environment and assess the behavior and its impact.


Phone consultations (includes email follow-up) are also available. Some matters may just need a quick answer or some handy tips to help with an issue you are having. Convenient and less expense than private training.



Day Training

If you prefer to have the training done for you, enjoy the experience of returning home to a more well-mannered dog. 

With day training services:

  • I train your dog for you while you are away from home.

  • Provide a report card after each session on what we worked on with suggestions on how you can maintain the training.

  • Includes a transfer session so I can show you how to retain your dog's progress with consistent handling.

Coaching Lessons

Are you a “Do It Yourself” person that prefers to learn from a professional trainer on how to teach your dog new skills and manners? With coaching services:

  • I provide hands on support and coach you on how to train your dog.

  • My method will first “explain”, then “demonstrate”, then “coach” you to work with your dog in the training session.

  • You will learn how dogs learn which will help you in your continued training of your dog in the future.

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