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Sound Therapy & Healing Touch for Animals® with Pair 5 Tuning Forks


Pair 5 Tuners consist of two forks. The longer fork has a frequency of 159.26 Hz. The shorter fork’s frequency is higher—238.90 Hz. When the forks are struck in sequence, low to high, the sound created is a pure fifth interval. Their name, Pair 5, is derived from their position in the full set of 12 pairs of tuning forks that are used for human sound therapy, developed by INNER SOUND. The Pair 5 Tuners are the fifth and sixth forks in the series of 13 forks and constitute the 5th pair.


Sound Therapy Balance
The Sound Therapy Balance technique clears the energy system of congestion. This quiet balancing technique provides great relaxation for the physical body.

ELA Balance
ELA (Expansion, Lubrication and Amplification) Balance provides a sense of calmness and well-being. This easy balancing technique clears the mind and increases motivation to get tasks accomplished.

Energy Field Clearing™ (Humans & Animals) - clears the energy field of congestion and creates balance. Although the technique is technically not sound therapy, the tuning forks create a vibrational frequency that moves congested and stagnant energy from the energy field. Energy Field Clearing™ generates clarity within the energy system that support healing.

Space Clearing™ is technically not sound therapy, however, tuning forks create a vibrational frequency that moves congested and stagnant energy in spaces. This application generates a clear and harmonious environment that supports healing. Space Clearing™ will help the person increase their sense of being grounded and helps with motivation.


The Pair 5 & OM Tuner information used in the Healing Touch for Animals® Curriculum, was collaboratively developed by Arden and Jack Wilken, creators of INNER SOUND and Carol Komitor, founder of Healing Touch for Animals®.

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