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OM Tuning Forks

#1 fork: 90.73 Hz = 1 ½ times lower frequency than OM
#2 fork: 136.100 Hz = OM frequency
#3 fork: 204.15 Hz = 1 ½ times higher frequency than OM

When the forks are struck in sequence, low frequency to high, the sound created is a pure fifth interval. The OM Tuner is the natural frequency of the Earth and the frequency recognized as homeostasis within the body.


Sound Therapy OM Balance™ (Humans & Animals)
Clears the energy system of congestion. This quiet balancing technique provides great relaxation for the body, mind and spirit. The OM Tuners are applied differently with animals than with humans to provide safety for the animal and the practitioner.

Vibrational Therapy Chakra Balance™
The Om Tuner is used to provide the sense of homeostasis throughout the body. The frequency and vibration of the OM Tuner will be carried through the body by bone conduction. Just like a when a splash is made in water, the vibration caused by the splash ripples through the pond, so is the way the body responds to the OM Tuner.

The homeostasis response also carries through the natural fluids and soft tissues of the body. The OM frequency adds additional relaxation to strengthen the energetic support of the body as it stimulates the physiological responses needed for healing.

The Pair 5 & OM Tuner information used in the Healing Touch for Animals® Curriculum, was collaboratively developed by Arden and Jack Wilken, creators of INNER SOUND and Carol Komitor, founder of Healing Touch for Animals®.

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